Presentation Training, Event and Conference Speaking Training

Transforming Your Presentations

A presentation training programme that will help you:

  • Overcome any fears you might have about presenting
  • Deliver presentations that will win business
  • Understand the structure and flow of a successful presentation
  • Avoid inflicting ‘Death by Powerpoint’ on your audience
  • Become a confident, sought after presenter

Speakers, Presenters and Comperes for your company conference or AGM

This programme is aimed at businesses, and individuals within those businesses, who speak at their own Conference or AGM.

Presenters at company conferences or AGMs need to ensure that their presentation content and delivery style matches the ethos, culture and values of the company.

These presentations are often undertaken by senior personnel who can have a tendency to underestimate the importance of their presentation and as such may not spend sufficient time preparing and practising.

This programme will ensure that all presentations at your company conference or AGM will inspire and motivate your colleagues, board members, investors and anyone else in the audience.

It will challenge those who undertake it to enhance their overall presentation skills.

Helping your Conference Speakers Deliver Great Presentations

This is a programme aimed at conference organisers who want to ensure their speakers deliver great presentations.

The programme is delivered in a workshop and webinar format and will help presenters:

  • Understand the structure and flow of a successful presentation
  • Avoid inflicting ‘Death by Powerpoint’ on their audience
  • Become a confident, well prepared speaker/presenter
  • Run on time

Compering your company conference - me or you?

Trevor Lee ComperingFor company conference organisers who are using an in-house compere

Helping your in-house compere:

  • Kick start the event
  • Keeping the audience informed and engaged
  • Introduce speakers
  • Running the event on time

Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming a better presenter?

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